"My husband Kevin and I used Genuine Collective Films for our wedding and I just want to say they were our best wedding choice by far. They literally were our favorite vendor."

"amazing to work with"


We love being around couples in love, and telling their wedding day story on film is our muse!

With our team living in different parts of the country, we get to work with couples all over. Our focus is working with couples near our original home base of South Louisiana and New York. We also take a handful of destination weddings every year because we are absolutely in love with travel and new experiences.

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We're currently working with a limited number of couples for 2022 to ensure that each and every one of the couples that we work with has the time and attention they deserve from their wedding filmmaker.

What truly distinguishes Genuine Collective Films in the bustling world of wedding videography? Our unyielding commitment to authenticity. In a city as eclectic and vibrant as Portland, every wedding carries its unique flair, every couple their distinct story. Amidst the backdrop of Portland’s urban charm and surrounding nature, our role is to craft these narratives into compelling visual tales that evoke emotion at every glance.

Dive into our portfolio and witness the magic firsthand. Stories of couples who, like you, sought a "Portland wedding videographer" who understands the essence of real moments. Stories that reverberate with laughter, joy, tears, and most importantly, love.

Join the legion of couples who've placed their trust in our hands. With Genuine Collective Films, rest assured that your Portland love story will be portrayed with the sincerity, elegance, and grandeur it rightfully deserves. We're not just capturing a day; we're celebrating your unique journey, ensuring your tale of love is preserved for generations to come.



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