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No pun intended here. But seriously, we respect the genuine love, moments and events that take place at every wedding. We want your film to look and feel like it is authentically you. 



We look for those moments of emotion to capture for our films. The tear that rolls off the grooms face when he see's his bride during the first look. The look grandma has when she see's her granddaughter in her wedding gown. The pride the father of the bride has walking his girl down the aisle... Moments like these inspire us and push us to deliver the best film possible. 


Something that has always inspired us is dynamic natural light. The way the sun pours through the windows and shapes the room around us. Or the sun peaking behind the trees that creates the most beautiful flares in our lens. We are always on the hunt for good dynamic light. 



We work with couples that don't want to hide who they are. They are truly in love and have no fear of expressing that. They value the little moments from getting ready in the mornings all the way down to the last dance of the night. 


the founders

Erin and Geoffrey

Award Winning Photographers Founded Genuine Collective Films After Seeing a Need in the Wedding Industry for Quality Luxury Wedding Films

 We have been documenting weddings since 2007. Wedding photography has taken us all over the world and we have had the amazing honor to have been named among the top 50 wedding photographers by the Knot in 2016 and named among the best wedding photographers in the world by Junebug Weddings. 

 We have always had a huge passion for filmmaking and in 2015 we decided to follow our hearts and build a luxury wedding film company. We simply could not have done it without the incredible team that has been put together over the years. 
 If you're looking for wedding video, you're in the right place. You will be taken care of here. If you still needing a photographer, feel free to check out our work and see if we are a good fit. 

 Erin and Geoffrey Photography

Founders, affectionately known as "Mom and Dad"



Based in South Louisiana, Plant Lady and Self-Made National Award Winning Wedding Photographer 

Founder, Educator, Team Cheerleader

 Hey, I’m Erin! I’m a visual artist at heart and have been telling love stories for nearly 15 years side by side with my husband Geoffrey. I usually gravitate to having meaningful conversations with others about their values and goals in life, and enjoy sipping on a glass of Prosecco in the evenings. 

You’ll find me waking up early with a cup of coffee and having heartfelt chats with Geoffrey about life, our future and the world we live in. You can find me most days checking on all my plant babies and singing ridiculous made-up songs to my cat Ollie as she stares blankly at me in return. 

In 2015, we found a need for wedding filmmakers who focused not only on the end product, but who deeply cared about the fleeting moments on a wedding day and the couple's needs from start to finish. With that in mind, Genuine Collective Films was born. Our team consists of like-minded creatives who care about everyone on an personal level. I couldn't be more proud of what Genuine Collective Films stands for, and to work with immense talent and heart from each of these people I not only get to call team members, but amazing friends for life.



Based Lafayette La, a passionate filmmaker, thrives on forming deep connections and capturing life's significant moments through her lens.

Hey I’m Lindsay! I love to create whether it’s sitting down to paint watercolor or picking up my camera and capturing things I love. I’ve had a love for photography for years and getting to know the people I work with and create that bond has been something special to me. I’m not a fan of small talk. I really love to have deep meaningful conversations with people and get to really know them.
Traveling and spending time with my friends is something really enjoy.
Capturing moments in time has always been important to me. And now being able to do that through film for weddings is something I look forward to. I can’t wait to help tell your story and be a part of such a special day!

Lead Shooter



Based in South Louisiana, Lover of  all things video 

Lead Shooter, Editor

My name is Cameron and I like to have fun! I also go by Cam or buddy. My day usually starts with jamming my favorite songs and breaking out my peppermint mocha creamer.
I am recently married to my best friend and it has been such a blast We love spontaneous adventures and trips to the forest when we can. For me, nothing beats a nice campfire and a proper Old Fashioned.
I have been involved in video production in a variety of ways since 2018 and I love it so much! Can we even call what we do work? Having been on a variety of sets and productions has helped me become more aware of what is essential for wedding films.
Working personally with amazing couples is probably one of my favorite parts. The couples we work with are what really make the film and it just shows through your love for each other. Having the privilege to capture those movie moments throughout your big day is the reason why I fell in love with wedding filmmaking.
I can’t wait to meet you and capture all the big and little moments that make up the start of your forever.



Based in South Louisiana, Lover of  Travel and Self-Proclaimed Chef 

Founder, Lead Shooter, Editor, Team Cheerleader

 With my wife Erin, I have documented somewhere around 500 weddings since 2009 as a wedding photographers and have been considered among "The Best in the World" by Junebug Weddings and "Top 50 Wedding Photographers in the Country" by The Knot. In 2015, I set out to follow a new passion for filmmaking along with my friends here at Genuine Collective. We all absolutely fell in love with the craft of creating wedding films. 

 On a normal day, you can find my wife and I waking up early for coffee and long morning conversations, usually followed by an editing marathon. I have a big interest in craft coffee, and am always searching for local roasters as we travel. My day is typically filled with visual creativity and ends with a glass of red wine with my wife as we watch old re-runs of The Office.

 I’m devoted to outstanding visual storytelling whether through a single image or a short film. But above all, I value our couples experience and the impact of our work. In a quest for wedding video with meaning, clips that capture fleeting moments, and forgotten details, I apply the same principles and practices that Erin and I have developed for our signature wedding photography at Erin and Geoffrey Photography to our work here with Genuine Collective Films.


Our Editors

Based in South Louisiana, Lover of  Travel and Self-Proclaimed Chef 

Team Editors | Final Cut Experts

Artists in their own right, with a deep love for all forms of art, bringing a unique and creative perspective to every story they craft.

Hey there, I’m Morghan. I love learning new things and thrive on venturing outside my comfort zone.
Away from the computer screen, I am either atop a mountain or navigating a bustling market, collecting ingredients for a tasty new dish meant to be savored in shared moments.
The craft of video editing started as a hobby in my teens. Just last year that hobby turned into a profession. Yet, truth be told, it remains an impassioned pursuit, where I find great joy in the honor of contributing to the manifestation of your unique story.

Hi, I'm Isha from Alberta, Canada—a video editor and nature-loving artist. Grateful for my supportive husband and our cat Mochi, my constant companion and neck warmer. Editing videos allows me the honor of capturing life's vibrant, precious moments: the anticipation of a wedding, a father's pride, the joy of love. Each wedding edit feels like making a new friend, and it's heartwarming to see the reactions of your loved ones. I aim to speak through my work, crafting a video as unique as your story. Warm regards, your not-so secret admirer.



let's work together

making a DIFFERENT kind  wedding film EXPERIENCE

To say we have a passion for wedding filmmaking would be an understatement. Human connection is the core of what we do. We will cry at your wedding... We will cry editing your wedding... and probably a little bit in-between. We would love to hear the vision for your wedding!



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