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Collectively as a team, we have documented over 700 weddings. Over the years we have collected a few ideas and tips that we put together for the wedding day that will make the PERFECT wedding day video. 

 We want to tell your story. Here's how we can capture it. 


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Audio is such an important part of any wedding film. 

 We are passionate about  capturing audio. But not just any audio. We value clear, high quality audio, all spoken from the heart.

Following are a few examples of how you can help us capture the most meaningful audio on your wedding day. 

Letter Readings

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Consider exchanging letters to each other the day of the wedding. 

This can be a very emotionally charged part of the day. By this point, you have been through all the ups and downs that any relationship and wedding planning has and you've made it! 

Put all those emotions in a letter and tell each other how you feel. 

Bride Mic

This one is the game changer. Having a mic on every person who speaks during the ceremony is so important and often overlooked. 

 We use comfortable hidden mics in your wedding dress (only during the ceremony and first look)  Trust us, you won't regret it. Especially if you have custom vows. 

Personal Vows

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Some of the couples we work with choose to say personal vows during the ceremony. 

This is a great way to express how you feel about your new spouse and what lead you both to this point. 

Personal vows are often a great way to anchor the story in a wedding film. 

Video Portraits of just the two of you

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Your photographer will want this too. Trust us. 

Its always a good idea to get those portrait moments of just the two of you doing what you do best. Just being together. 

We know this moment can bring up some nervousness but we'll be there every step of the way. We have a few tricks up our sleeves that takes all those nerves away. 

Tidy up the Space

This one is big but often overlooked. Making sure the bridal and groom prep areas stay relatively clean is so helpful when it comes to a good aesthetic in the shot. 

We always do our best to clean up the shot. But when this is thought of in advance it helps the day run so smooth, and gives us more time to focus on the important thing: You.

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